Robert and I have been talking lately about someday fostering to adopt a child. Well, it has happen sooner then we thought.

Thursday, while in my research meeting in New Jersey, I got a phone call from our vet. I was a little worried, I left the meeting and called them back. I thought maybe something was wrong with our dogs, our friends Lisa and Brandon were watching them for us, but it wasn't about Diego or Lola. It was about Henry. A 6 year old Bulldog who needs a good home. Henry's mom didn't feel like she could take care of him anymore so she signed him over to the vet clinic who could then sign him over to me. He is a great dog. Lots of Bulldog personality. Aiden loved him immediately and likewise, he loved Aiden immediately.

He has a couple of issues, but nothing we can't work through. He looks a little bit overweight, actually I just think if he lost a couple of pounds his back wouldn't look as swayed as it does and perhaps it would be better on his back and his knees. {Right now he is snoring it is sooo funny} He has a scratched eye, I haven't talked to the doctor to see if it is an Entropion or just a scratch, I guess I will find that out tomorrow. Also, he has a little bit of an ear infection, but that is easy to fix with some meds. His skin looks really good for a bulldog. They usually have skin issues, but surprisingly he doesn't. (Knock on wood) He was on Avocado and Chicken Large Breed PUPPY food (for a 6 year old dog? Hum?) so we will be switching that gradually over the next week. He has a couple of teeth left, well mainly his back ones, but that's not a problem either. So, overall he is pretty healthy.

We are going to be fostering him for a while to make sure he is the right fit for our family. So, far so good. Lola doesn't like him much, but she doesn't like many dogs anyways. She thinks she is a human and doesn't understand why we keep bringing these awful dogs into her house. :) She looked at me tonight like she was saying, "I thought we talked about this, I thought we had an understanding that I didn't like dogs." Diego loves him and was already playing with him tonight. But, Diego loves all dogs and doesn't understand why some don't like him. Henry liked him, too. They played around a while, before they got too loud and woke Aiden up.

So, here are some pictures of our new son Henry!!

I know he is so ugly he's cute. I don't know why we love the smoshed face dogs so much. They are always a face only Mommy and Daddy can love!!

Actually, we really are considering fostering to adopt a human child after our next kiddo, but that is still a while from now.

I will have more up over the next week about our wonderful trip to New Jersey, but I have had quite a day and am ready for a little rest.


NJ Grandma said…
You didn't waste any time meeting Henry - he seems to really like Aiden's play area. Hope he works out for you and gets along with every one. Talk to you soon. It was so great to see you all. All our love from New Jersey

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