Labor Day Weekend

We had a great weekend together. We pretty much had a very lazy weekend. We stayed in the house most of the weekend, with little trips out to Walmart, the mall or to eat.

We took a special trip on Sunday afternoon to take Aiden to play at the playground in the mall. We walked into the mall, played and walked out of the mall; No Shopping, Just playing!! We got a little frustrated at the mall playground, because there is a sign that shows "You must be under this height to play" With a big turtle holding out his hand, that you have to walk by to get into the playground. Well, I guess we need to educate some parents on how to read signs. There were kids that were obviously too tall, running around, knocking other kids down. So frustrating. You know that their parents are off somewhere in the mall shopping and just leave them there to be babysitted. URG!! It's just frustrating. But, I guess that's what you get when you take your kid to the mall playground!! :)

We spent some time with Aiden's Nina Dianne and Brandon on Monday. Robert made a really good lunch (Steaks and Pasta Salad) so it was really like a heavier lunch, it was soooo good. Then Lisa got back safely from the beach and we had dinner with her and Brandon!!

Last night Lisa and Brandon helped me go through all of Aiden's clothes from 3-18 months. (there are 3-5 boxes of 0-6 month clothes in the attic) There were 15 boxes of clothes in Aiden's room. 15!!!! We got it down to 5 boxes to keep in the attic for the next kiddo and 10 boxes to send to Austin for Emilio and Dillon. I couldn't believe that he had so many clothes. I had kept them pretty hidden in his closet, but I was running out of room. So tonight I will go through the 24 months and 2T stuff to get it ready to wear.

I have some new pictures that need to go up, probably be tonight, it's harder to get on the computer when Robert's home, being a computer guy he is always on it!! :)


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