Aiden loved the horses. New Jersey grandparents have 2 horses, BJ and Sonny. Aiden would wake up in the morning and call BJ, didn't sound much like BJ, but kindof did. Hard to spell out exactly what he was saying. Then he called Sonny, Peter for some reason. But, he had so much fun with the horses.

Aunt Leigh came down from North Jersey to spend Saturday and Sunday with us. When we were in High School we spent tons of time together riding horses. We both hadn't ridden in forever. We just rode around the arena until Aiden and the horses got tired.

Here are some pictures!Grandpa Bob, Aiden, BJ and I (Aiden is kissing BJ)Doesn't he look like a experienced cowboy!Aunt Leigh, Grandpa Bob, and Aiden on BJ

Aunt Leigh and Aiden on BJ


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