Stand Mixer

First let me start by saying, Robert is the cook in our family. I like to dabble in it, but he is much better then I am at cooking!!

Robert has wanted a professional stand mixer for probably the past 5 years. I could never see buying him a $500 stand mixer for his birthday or Christmas or something like that. He also couldn't see spending that much on one. And, if you know Robert, then you know that he had to have the top of the line Professional model. So, the $100 Walmart one wasn't going to be good enough.

So, Friday night we went to Kohls with Lisa, Brandon and Eddie to get me some new running shoes. While I was looking at shoes, Lisa and Robert went to the cooking section.

They passed the stand mixers and I am sure Robert pouted a little. He looked at the new 600 series of professional stand mixers that just came out. Then looked over at the display models and saw that the 5x displays had a discount tag on them. Marked down 60% to $159.00!!!!!! He stopped a sales associate, kind Mary with really long eyelashes, gorgeous eyelashes, sorry, and asked her if it was true.

She said that they are not allowed to sale the displays. Disappointment started to show in Robert's face, then determination!! He asked her to call and ask if he could purchase it since it looked like they didn't have any in stock, just the displays. She called, said they couldn't sell the displays. More disappointment and questions.

Then, we loaded her (the mixer, not Mary :) ) on a cart and hauled her to Customer Service. There we explained the situation and the gentleman gave it to Robert with an additional 15% off!!! (We think he thought we were complaining that there weren't any in the boxes, so since it didn't have a box he gave us 15% off)

So, I think what I saw in Robert's face as we headed to the car was like Christmas morning. That's the only way I can explain it. He was so excited about it!!! He had been waiting so long and it finally paid off!!

Robert used her Friday and Saturday to help Elizabeth make Jeremy a Birthday cake and then I used her last night to make banana bread. She is Red and very pretty!!!


NJ Grandma said…
Robert - NICE MIXER - didn't know you would get so excited over a mixer - enjoy and hope you get lots of use out of it. I LOVE the bright red. Certainly won't have a problem finding it. Love to you all and see you soon.
Love from New Jersey
Anonymous said…
Finally he has his own and it is "RED". Now he becomes the family baker.

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