No News?

Well, it has been a little crazy around our house the past couple of days. I know that I need to get New Jersey info up and the pictures we took, but it will probably be tomorrow. (SORRY!)

We (Aiden, Nana, Diego, Lola and I) went for a walk last night to the park so Aiden could run himself out! Ulterior Motives, he took a late nap yesterday and I was afraid he would be up all night. Well, we made it to the park and about 1/2 way to the playground when Nana started to feel dizzy. About 5 people stopped to help and then another lady ran to her car to get something for her to drink. I called family to come and pick us up. We were in between a long stretch of no where to sit down. So we waited until she didn't feel dizzy anymore and then we slowly walked to a bench. We didn't have to wait very long for MB and Junior to get to us and then they took us home.

It is nice that all of the doctors we see have an after hours call center. You can call them with your non-emergency emergencies. So I called and talked to the doctor and we are supposed to talk again today. Nana had fallen during a walk at the park on Sunday while she was out by herself walking. She hurt her wrist a little and has a bruise under her eye where her glasses hit her face. So, she saw the PA yesterday afternoon. We think, and so does the doctor, that it is due to her blood pressure stuff. Just trial and error with the medications.

She was feeling much better this morning. I am sure that I am driving her crazy with my phone calls to make sure she is ok. Then, I call other people to call her and report back to me. :) So, another day in the lovely Rosales Family household.

When MB and Junior were over last night they met Henry and said I was crazy for having Nana, Aiden and 3 dogs. But, how could you say no to that face. I know I can't do it. Bring them on!!

Hopefully, I will have some time tonight or tomorrow morning to post new pictures. But, I have to go and buy Sex in the City tonight, hey, I have my priorities!

Ok, so maybe we did have some news!


NJ Grandma said…
Tell Nana we are thinking of her and she is in our prayers. Hope she is feeling better soon. You take care of yourself - hope Robert is home soon to help you out. Keep us posted on how things are going. Hugs and kisses to our little guy.
All our love from New Jersey

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