Weekend of playing

This weekend Robert, Aiden and I went to game stop to buy some more video games for the XBox or the PS2. We aren't really "Gamers" but sometimes we like to play for the fun of it. So we got some of the Lego PS2 Games (Star Wars I & II), X-Men Legends II, and some Golf Game. Monday morning Robert got out the golf game and had Aiden "Play" it with him. (Really he just gave him a controller that wasn't even plugged in.)

For Christmas we are going to try to get the family a Wii with Wii Fit. I imagine it will be just as difficult to find it this year as it was last Christmas.

Also, Aiden and I made a fort. Aiden's first fort!!!! It was lots of fun. I moved the big chair over and made enough room for him and I to sit behind it and fit in between the chair and the sofa. Then threw some blankets over it, just like when JN and I were young!! Then took a big box from work (which we also played with all weekend) and made that the entrance. It was up most of Sunday and Monday until we destroyed the fort!!

We hope your weekend was just as fun as ours was!!


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