No pictures today, had to take Robert's car to the airport for him last night and then came home and went straight to bed.

All three dogs slept with me last night. Diego under the covers next to me as usual, Lola at Robert's pillow (Babe, I covered it this time so her hair won't bother you tonight.) and Henry on the dog bed next to our bed. He actually didn't make too much noise either. About 1/2 way through the night he got up and moved next to the bed. He is being a good dog so far. He barks a lot during the day, Nana says, but we got a spray bottle to help out with that.

Henry does have an Entropion with his right eye. So, he needs some eye surgery, which will only cost us $550. We will be saving up for that. If we don't do the surgery then he will have permanent scratches on his eye, I know I hate that feeling, so I wouldn't want him to have that. We are treating it now with antibiotics to help the major scratch he has right now. But, without the surgery it would never resolve and would cause him constant pain/irritation in that eye and would cause blindness from the constant scratch it has on it. Vet Insurance doesn't cover the surgery either. :( So, we didn't pay $2000 for a new bulldog, but we will still pay a little money to keep him healthy. (No pets are ever free) We had him vaccinated and tested last week which cost $200 immediately. But, He is well worth it right now.

I found out yesterday a little more of Henry's story. He has already gone through 2 owners. He was originally owned by an older lady who couldn't take care of him and then he was given to a friend. Well, last Thursday that friend was moving to Mexico. She had set up to have him go to her son. That fell through so she brought him to the vet to find him a new home. He had never been to our vet before. It is amazing how things happen for a reason. Bentley feel into our lives through the vet a couple of years ago. Then, same with Henry, it is like it was meant to be. Robert has been wanting another bulldog recently, but didn't want to go and get a puppy mainly because he wanted another dog that needed a home and fell into our lives. I really can't believe how good of a dog he is. He follows me everywhere. Diego loves him, Aiden loves him, and he is so good with everyone. (Lola tolerates him, just as she did Bentley)

My heart just really goes out to good dogs that need good homes. Poor guy.

By the way, Aiden is in love with Henry. Every morning he is the first thing that Aiden wants to go and see and pet and love on! Henry is really sweet with him and just loves the attention.

Robert's home today!

PS: Nana is feeling better. Her wrist still hurts a little, but no dizziness yesterday. She had an x-ray on Monday of her wrist and the doctor wants her to she an orthopedic doctor. Not really sure what is going on with that. We should know more on Friday.


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