I have to say that I had one of the best birthdays ever this year. Thanks to my great husband, friends and family, it was the best I could have asked for.

Saturday we did a little shopping at the mall, that is always a fun adventure. Aiden threw a wonderful fit in the middle of the mall, because he didn't want to hold my hand. Then, we came home to relax a little. Took Aiden to Aunt Janna and Aunt Pat's house. I hear he had a great time!! Then we headed out with our wonderful friends for dinner, laser tag (what every 28 year old wants to do for her birthday, right?) (Really, I had the idea and had to do it. We had a great time!) Then, we headed out to Black 10 for a little ink. :)

Sunday, we spent the day relaxing, fixing up the house and eating dinner with the fam. We all got to talk to Gran on the phone, which I am sure she enjoyed. (She is in Austin on a Hurricane Ike clean-up crew) Dinner with my family was great, too! I really enjoyed spending the time with them.

So, what did I get, that's always what everyone wants to know right? Really a lot of funny things that everyone else probably will think are really funny, but I love them.

We bought a Wii a couple weeks ago and Robert said it was for my birthday, the Aunts went in with us to buy it.

Then, with my neck pain/problems, I wanted a maternity pillow. I know, funny huh? But, I got the best sleep with one I borrowed from a friend when I was pregnant with Aiden. It is the perfect size for my neck and my arms and legs right around it just right. So, I can actually say that for the first time in a long while I slept really well Sunday night. (Last night Aiden was up and down, so I can't say last night.)

A Nordstroms Gift Card, which I bought a pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans with. They look great on me.

Some really cute shirts from the Gap, to go with some weekend skirts I bought a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't figure out what to wear with them and Robert kept laughing at what I was wearing with them! He is a great stylist.

A Sephora Gift Card, which will keep me in makeup for a couple months!

A Jazz CD, Straight Up, as a joke, but it is really a good CD. :P

Some special ink.

4 honey due list items completed!!

1. New front door knob, our's was quite wiggly and I was worried about it. So, our new electric door knob. You punch in a code to unlock the door (It has a key, too)
2. He got me a garage door opener. I know, exciting, but let me tell you, since mom moved in with us she has a remote and Robert and I share one. So, when he is out of town I get it. So, that's a big thing for me!
3. He got a key pad for the outside of the garage door.
4. He fixed a sprinkler head that was broken in the front yard. This is big, too, because I was hand watering the front yard. I know, I have it so bad, but after having a sprinkler system it is a hassle to have to hand water the grass.

Then, he bought me some new luggage, because our's was on its last leg.

Overall, it was the best birthday ever!! Lots of friends, family and fun!! Yesterday, I took the day off from work and the boys and I spent the day together. We planned on going to the zoo, but it was rainy in the morning and then I didn't want to risk us getting rained on at the zoo. So, we had a relaxing day together.

Now on to the boy's birthdays. Hard to believe that Aiden will be 2 in less the a month. We are planning a birthday party for him on Nov. 1st around 12:00 noon. Invitations will be out soon!


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