Someone special in our lives is loosing someone special in her life. Lisa, who is Robert's BF for 15 + years and now one of our closest friends, has an aunt that is very close to her that has been fighting the breast cancer fight and did so well for so many years. A couple of weeks ago she was told that the chemo and radiation weren't helping anymore and the doctors suggested that she stop everything and just manage the pain for the couple of weeks she had left. Lisa says that she has been in high spirits, keeping as positive and active as her body allows. She went to the Plano Balloon Festival and road around on her cool cart.

I just know that it is going to hit Lisa and her mom's lives very hard. I almost feel helpless as I listen to Lisa's stories of her. I am a huggy lovey person and just want to grab hold of her and hug her until the pain goes away. I know that can't happen, and I know she knows we are here to do whatever she needs. But, I still feel like I am standing outside a window watching it happen and crying because there is nothing I can do to make it stop. I know she also feels the same way with her mom. What can we do? Just be there for each other.

So, this is for Joddie...

Lisa's been borrowing Lola on and off. Last night I asked her if she wanted to take Lola home with her and she said, Nah, maybe in a couple of days. Lola didn't like that answer, because when Lisa opened the car door Lola jumped right in with her. I think she just knew.


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