We call bedtime "Mimis " in our house, not quiet sure why, I guess that is what Robert called it when he was little. Last night Aiden was sitting on the chair with Henry and I told him it was time for Mimis. He said "Henry Mimis" and layed his head down on the pillow next to Henry. I had to put Henry in his bed to get Aiden to go to Mimis in his bed (well, Nana's bed).

Don't you like the John Travolta/Saturday Night Fever look? Aiden doesn't like his PJs to be zipped all the way up to his neck. If you zip it up, he unzips it. Sometimes he will walk around the house with it completely unzipped. Eh, at least he's wearing something!


NJ Grandma said…
Those pictures are so funny - poor Henry although he doesn't seem to mind it. What is up with him not sleeping? Have him run around outside for an hour before bed and maybe that will tire him out!!!
Hugs and Kisses from New Jersey

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