Not Much

Sorry there hasn't been much going on this week! But we have a really busy weekend ahead of us. As you might know, both of my guys are another year older next week. We are having a birthday party for Aiden on Saturday. Then, we have a cousin's party Saturday afternoon, then we have a Halloween Party Saturday night. AAAHHHH.

On Sunday I teach youth group this week and we are having a family dinner for Robert's birthday Sunday night. So, Busy, Busy for us!

Robert is crazy busy at work. He has the wonderful opportunity to head up a project in Chicago next week. If Obama wins on Tuesday then he heads up to Chicago on Thursday afternoon to put computers and IT support into his Chicago headquarters. What an opportunity. I told him he has to go, we are supposed to be going to a lake house next weekend for his birthday to celebrate with friends. If Obama wins Robert will be gone for a week and a half to head up that project. (He might get to meet Obama and how cool would that be?) (Even if you don't vote for Obama you have to agree that its pretty cool) And then to San Francisco for another week, so we wouldn't see him for 2 & 1/2 weeks, but that is part of life right now.

So, we might be celebrating Robert's birthday at a lake house without Robert, but hey, there is always 31, right? We will all have a couple of drinks for him!

Robert's travel will be slowing down a little. He will be in Japan for the 2 weeks before Christmas, (again, how cool is that?) I wish I could go, but he will be on a military base the entire time, I don't have the military/governmental clearance. :(

So, this entire post is to say, There will be lots of pictures next week. We will have a ton of stuff to share from this weekend!

Love to all.


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