Potty Training

As Parents Books say, "I never thought I would be excited by the word Poopy!" Never knew!! But, lately Aiden has been playing games on my emotions. (And Nana's emotions, too.)

He will look you straight in the face and say "PooPoo". So, I being the excitable mommy say, "Poo Poo, do you have Poo Poo or do you need to go Poo Poo?" He looks at me and says, "Poo Poo?" LOL. Ok, so normally we would go to his room and change his Poo Poo diaper. But, lately he doesn't have Poo Poo so we go running to the bathroom where we have...

Remember we only bought it back in AUGUST!!! We are doing so great on the potty training!! Ok, so we go and sit on the potty. Now, mommy sits on the big potty, with the sit closed of course. We are facing each other. I look at him and say, "Ok go Poo Poo, Go UUUUMMMMM" and I put my arms up by my side and squeeze down. I don't know how else to describe it to you! He looks at me and puts his arms up and "UUUUMMMM" Then giggles. Then he stands up gets 1 square of toilet paper dabs his peenie and throws it in the trash. I almost feel off the toilet I was laughing so much. Then repeat 10-20 times!

Nana said he did the same thing to her yesterday morning. They sat on the potty grunting for about 10 minutes with no progress. Then they went outside and he said, "Poo Poo" and he had pooped in his diaper.

So, that's about where we are with the potty training. We bought him some Big Boy undies, they are Boxer Briefs, and so cute. He hasn't worn them yet. At least he knows what the potty is for! One step at a time right?

Our new plan is to start daycare 2-3 days a week in January. This way Nana can have a little rest and he can get great expiriences like socialization, peer pressure (which we hear helps with the potty training), sharing, sickness, bad habbits from other kids, and teach the other kids his bad habbits, too! Sounds good to me!


Brandy said…
You guys are on a great start. Just make sure Robert gets envolved which I know he is. Once Lee got envolved with the boys it went much smoother. Just keep going and one day out of the blue he will do it by himself. Just remember dont push the subject because then he wont want to do it. Good luck from a mommy who has done it Four Times!!! By the way good luck on the daycare I am certain he will enjoy being around other kids his own age.


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