Good Busy Weekend

If you know us we try to jam 10,000 things into 1 weekend. Well, at least I do, Robert would rather sit around and do nothing all weekend, but we have a very busy social life to keep up with!

Saturday: we woke up and got ready to take Family pictures. We met Nini and Patpat down at the Botanic Gardens. There were lots of people there taking pictures. Aunt Janna got some really good shots, I am so excited. We will post them up just as soon as we get them.

Then, we went to brunch, did a little shopping, and then went home for a 3 hour break. The church had Trunk or Treat, lots of church people decorate their car trunks in the church parking lot and kids come to trick or treat and play games and stuff. So, of course Aiden had to make an appearance there, too! (Sometimes he has a busier social life then we do, and he is only 2) Then, we headed to our house to celebrate October birthdays with Robert's family. (There are about 10 people that have birthdays in October in his family, too many parents cuddling up in the January cold, HUM?)

Sunday: Think you could sleep late, nope, not with Aiden in your house. He woke us up at 7:15am. We had a little breakfast and then Robert and I headed to the gym!! (24 hour fitness, we got a membership 2 weeks ago and just used it yesterday, but hey, it's a start.) Then, we headed to Walmart to doing shopping for this weeks dinners!

Then, I have been trying to be a better Aunt and spend more time with our nieces and nephews. (We have 20 on Robert's side and 2 on my side) So, a couple of weeks ago we took the little ones to the circus. This Friday High School Musical 3 came out. What a great opportunity for more Aunt/Niece time! So, I con'd my sister-in-law Carmen to go with me to take Dani, Desi, Sabrina, and Cynthia to the movie. It was pretty good. Then, some of the girls came back to the house and played video games and helped me make cupcakes. How fun!!

Robert made us all Taco Soap, which was really good!

At about 6:30 he headed out the door to go to DC. He has a busy week there with a class and then working at the head office for GSA. He will be back just in time on Friday to help me shop and work on Aiden B-Day party on Saturday!!!!

Next weekend will be just as crazy!! We have Aiden's party, Halloween party, Youth Group, Robert's Family Party. This time of the year we just have weekends full of stuff!! Great times!!

So, to say the least I put the phone in my bed (so when Robert called to say he was in DC I didn't have to get out of bed to get the phone) and tried to read a little bit, but I fell asleep at about 9:00pm last night! It was nice.


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