Tuesday night Della, Kristi and Paul brought over some cupcakes and hung around for some play time!! We decided that they need siblings or to hang around each other more often to wear each other out before bed time. I think we will go for option 2 for right now. They sat and read books together, played basketball, tore the playroom up and then put it all back together again. Fun Times!

After everyone left I told Aiden it was time for PJs. He ran off the other direction, which is normal, and I went to his room to start getting everything together to put him to bed. Normally, he will come into his room and then we change him into his PJs. Well, it didn't go as planned this time. He came walking in with a cupcake. I looked at Nana and said, "It's 9:00pm he doesn't need a cupcake." She said, "I didn't give it to him, he picked it up off the counter." By the time he walked into the room to change he was 1/2 way done with it. So, I just ran to get the camera to share the moment with you!

I was worried that he would be on a sugar high and not go to sleep. Actually, he cleaned up, brushed his teeth, changed into PJs and went straight to bed. WOW!! When I got up the next morning to go to PT and work he was still sleeping!! WOW!! Maybe we need more play time and cupcakes! HEHE.


Katie said…
Cute Shirt! Can I have a cupcake?

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