Tarleton Homecoming

After a lovely breakfast on Saturday with Nini, Patpat and several other aunts we headed to Stephenville for Tarleton Homecoming!! Once there we went straight to the Co-Op to get Aiden a new TSU shirt. Well, all they had was jerseys, so guess what, he got a jersey, and he was super-cute in his Tarleton jersey. Then we headed to the PANKUS tail-gating party. What fun!

Then to the game. We only stayed through half of the second quarter. Aiden started to get a little sunburned on his face, and bad mommy and daddy didn't bring sunscreen. So, it was a quick trip down and back, but well worth the visit.

Aiden on the track with Uncle Eddie and Uncle Jeremy.
Aiden following Mommy to the car.Great turnout for the game, it was packed.
This is Dada and Aiden with a TTS (Tarleton Poo). (Read more about the Poo here) They were selling shirts that said "I heart Poo" I wanted one so badly, but didn't have any cash on me. I will have to figure out how to get one of those. Funny thing is that Aiden isn't scared of the Poo, but he is scared of clowns. He was still cautious around the Poo, but not crying and scared. I am so proud!
The Tarleton campus is so beautiful. Every time we go back I just want to stay forever. But, I am sure that we will have many years left to return there.


Mike said…
tarleton has a football team?

Go TECH!!!

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