Our Dogs

I love our dogs. They are the best. You know, they can't do many tricks, well Diego is the only one who will sit when you tell him and the other 2 just look at you like, "Huh?" or "But, I am a princess and the floor is cold."

I say they are the best, because I am having a lot of trouble with Aiden sitting on Henry. Like he is a horse. I have tried almost everything I can think of to make him stop, to say the least it isn't working. But, Henry just sits there like nothing is going on, there isn't a 28 lb toddler on his back. Now, he doesn't get up or move or anything, I am sure that he might notice then. Then, Aiden is always covering him up and trying to move him somewhere and Henry does whatever.

Yesterday, Diego was laying in bed with Aiden and I while we watched a little TV before bed. Aiden kept kicking Diego. Again, I tried everything in the book to get him to stop. I eventually had to remove Diego from the room, which stopped it, but poor Diego. Diego sat there the entire time that Aiden was kicking him and didn't even move. He would just look at me like, "Mom, HELP!!"

Lola, oh Lola, every time Aiden comes near her she gets really nervous. You can see it in her face. Aiden usually just grabs her around the head and hugs her. Which is really cute, but Lola just doesn't know what to do. She usually runs away any time he comes anywhere close to her.

They are just so tolerant and patient with him. I really love our dogs.

Oh, Henry went to the vet yesterday because his eye is looking pretty bad. He has KCS or Dry Eye. His eye over the past couple of days has just gotten redder and more inflamed. I feel really bad for him, because I know how much an eye can hurt. He is on another eye med, so that makes 2 for now. We are planning his eye surgery in December after we get our bonuses. The doctor thinks this will help everything. He might still have some dry eye after the surgery, because no one took care of it before. Poor guy.

He has stopped peeing in my house!! YAY!! He was out all day yesterday and didn't pee. He is pretty funny though. 58 lb dog that doesn't like to get his feet wet, so he pees and poops on my back pouch. :( I just spray it off really good and the smell goes away. Thank God!


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