Nana Update

Thanks for asking! Nana is doing good. She hasn't had any more dizzy spells and is feeling much better. She went to the Orthopedic doctor on Friday and has a hairline fracture on her wrist. He put her in a splint for 4 weeks.

On my therapy stuff. I am good most of the times, other times I am miserable. I went to the massage therapist on Monday to help with the bad neck pain and headaches I was having Sunday and Monday. He said I was a wreck, that's just what everyone wants to hear. The Chiropractor told me that this is just an illness/injury that will never be "fixed" but can be managed. That isn't what I wanted to hear, but I hope I can prove him wrong. I have never liked to be told no!

At Physical Therapy today the Therapist taped my shoulders back to help my body know what the correct posture is. Its like muscle training and memory. Feels good so far today!

Hope all is well in your world.


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