Nini and Patpat's Reception

Back in September Nini and Patpat (Aunt Janna and Aunt Pat) got married in California. Sunday was their reception and all of the family got together to celebrate. Lots of church family, Brown family and Parker family were there. It was great to catch up with everyone and meet our new cousin. Well, he's not really new, he's almost 30, but most of us had either never met him or hadn't seen him since he was a 1 year old. My family gets stranger and stranger as the years go on, not sure why that is.

The reception was at the Rebecca Low art gallery in Fort Worth. It was beautiful and had lots of wonderful sculptures and artwork.

Of course, we got lots of pictures of Aiden and the family, but mostly Aiden. :)

( Left to Right) - Adam (our new cousin), Cindy and Ray (my favorite cousins :) )
The Brown Family (Well those of us that were there) We have to photoshop JN in there, he had to work.

Juli (my sister) and Tyler our nephew (but not her son, hehe)
Parker Family - (there are some missing there too)
The Rosales Family
Pretty Flutterby on Berries.
Pretty Berries

Chris, Cynthia and the youngest member of the family Parker
Nephew Tyler
Aunt Pat and Laura (my sister)
Dad and Susan (Brown family cousin)


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