10 week appointment

I went to my 10 week appointment ready for the normal stuff. It was time for my yearly exam so I had to completely get undressed, which I just love to do at the doctor's office. It is funny that I have only seen my doctor once or twice fully clothed and that was when Sharon was in the hospital having Emillio.

So, I didn't wait too long this time for my appointment. I laid down on the exam table and started to close my eyes for a quick nap and he walked in. He asked how I was doing, I said fine, having nausea, indigestion, still bleeding, and my neck hurts a lot, but I can deal with all that. He was quiet for too long. Then, we started talking about the bleeding. He had me lay down, pushed on my belly, which wasn't comfortable at all. Then, he pulled out the Doppler which they use to hear the babies heart beat. 10 weeks is the earliest you can hear the heart beat through the belly with this machine. No heartbeat, but I didn't freak (Don't ask how I didn't) because he said this was the earliest that it could be heard, and perhaps the baby was hiding or something. Then he asked me a funny question like, "Isn't your uterus tilted back". To which I said, "Well, I haven't really looked at it, so I'm not too sure." :)

His wife/nurse said, "I'll go and get the ultrasound machine." I looked up at him and he was a little freaked, I could see it in his face. Knowing the man for 3 years now and seeing him what seems like a bazillion times I'd only seen this face one other time and that was right after he came back from an extremely bad delivery that he saved, but almost went bad.

He did the ultrasound. We still have a baby and the baby's heart is still strong. He sighed in relief. WOW. Then we saw the arms and the face, looks like an alien or an ant on the 2D ultrasound images. :) Then, Dr. S was giddy and happy and telling me we've heard great news today. I really felt strange because I had thought that the bleeding was just part of this pregnancy, I guess I had become complacent with it. Which, now looking back is kinda scary. I thought everything was fine because there wasn't "large amounts" of bleeding, and my belly's growing and I still have a lot of nausea.

I don't know if Dr. S would have been this freaked out with a different patient. Our friend Dianne works for the hospital and works with him on a regular basis. So, I don't know if that makes it worse for him. I know that might be silly to think.

So, Dr. S said usually if God's going to take the baby it would be in between 8 and 10 weeks. He said since the baby's still there and strong that it shouldn't be going anywhere.

I truly left his office a little worried that I wasn't worried enough, but I think I know my body enough to know when something's wrong. I don't know.

So, I was given a prescription to take for the next 10 days to help my inflamed cervix, which is probably why I've been bleeding. He said there really isn't a reason why my cervix is inflamed, but this medication should make it stop.

So, great news today and I have pictures. I have to scan them in and then I will share.


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