Daycare Update

We did get another incident report. It said he bit one girl twice. I guess he acted like he was going to bite the other little girl, but didn't. He's not getting kicked out of school, yet. But, really we only have 2 weeks left of school anyway, so maybe he can behave until then.

We are taking him out to save for maternity leave for the new baby. I only get 2 weeks of vacation at my work and will probably use that up in doctor's appointments between now and September. This way we can save the $600 it costs us each month to send him to school.

Robert's come up with some other ways for him to get interaction with other kids still. I think he and Patty are setting up something so he can spend 1 day a week with Paul, Ashleigh and Rose. That will be fun!!

And mommy will come up with some home school ideas for him. That will be fun, too!

Tonight we are making Valentine's Day cards for his grandparents. Shhh, don't tell them. :) Hopefully we will get them out before Valentine's Day. So, tonight we will learn about the color RED! Yeah!!!


jmholloway said…
I don't know why I just found this blog, but your family is so cute. Congratulations on your new little one. Good luck with the biting issue.

Mindi :)
Brandy said…
Hey I have this road to reading kit that was given to me by a friend I really dont need it because it really focuses on one child (it does not have muliple stuff) so its really hard for me to use it. You are welcome to it if you would like it just let me know.


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