Henry Update

So, Henry's now been living with his new family for a week and a half. It takes every part of me not to call everyday and check on him, so I just do it once a week!! I checked on him yesterday and his new mom says he's doing great!! He is getting along with everyone and they all love him so much. His only downfall right now is that he's snoring too much. Definitely a bulldog thing! So, it sounds like most nights he's sleeping in his bed or on the couch. Too funny!!

We are definitely glad that Henry's doing great in his new home. Once it starts getting warmer we are going to have to meet him at the dog park!!


NJ Grandma said…
So glad to hear Henry is doing well at his new home. We have Harley this week and boy are we spoiled by three older dogs. She is none stop playful and 2 out of the 3 goldens are NOT happy campers. Mama Tessie is the only one who tolerate her. But she is cute :) Hope you all are well.

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