Robert and Aiden made cupcakes for his class Valentine's Day party on Friday! Aiden helped squeeze the bag of cake batter into the cups. They had fun!

I also took pictures of the finished product, but I guess I forgot to download them this morning. Aiden got a special Breakfast Cupcake this morning. I was jealous. But, I rewarded myself this morning, when we arrived at school with no cupcakes harmed in the process, I took one as a reward for getting them there safely :)
I took them inside and gave them to the ladies at the front desk to put away until the party. She was so impressed that we made cupcakes. I told her that Robert baked them with Aiden, because if it would have been up to me I would have probably gone to the store, bought cupcakes, smoothed over the tops, put them on a new plate, and pretended I made them. :) That's why we have a great daddy who bakes and cooks!!


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