Sick Monday

Robert left yesterday early morning to go to Vegas for a conference. He'll be gone until Saturday night. :(

And I, I stayed home sick... Lazy Sunday wasn't enough for me, I needed a sick Monday, too! I actually got up, took a shower, sat around after the shower (because I was dizzy), got dressed, sat around a little longer (Still didn't feel right) and then around 8:15am gave up. It just wasn't going to happen. I couldn't walk 3 steps without my head feeling like it would split open and feeling dizzy. I decided driving wouldn't be the best thing for me.

So, I sleep from 9:30 - 11:00, then a little monster came into my room and shook me and said, Wake, Momma, Wake! So, I went to Arby's (craving for the day) and got lunch. Then, came back home ate lunch and took another nap. It was nice.

Then, Brandon and Lisa came over to spend the afternoon with us.

Aiden surprisingly went to sleep around 8:00pm, surprisingly because we did absolutely nothing all day!! I read until about 10:00pm and then went to bed. None of us were hungry last night (probably because I made cookies in the middle of the day and we ate those) so we didn't eat dinner, well, unless you count cookies as dinner!!


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