Henry Update

Well, Henry's still with us. I have had several interests in him that just have fizzled out. Really weird, they emailed me that they were interested, I sent them a survey, they sent it back, I said "looks like a great home for Henry, I'd like to have you meet him." Then, no more emails. What am I doing wrong here. I ask them if they would like to meet up at the dog park, public place on a weekend during daylight hours. Hum...

Grandma Laura has a friend that works with her that is interested in him!! Hopefully, this one will work out!!

We really aren't in any big hurry or anything, I just feel bad for him. Right now his life is only outside of his crate when Aiden is asleep. Well, last night I went to sleep at 9:30 and Aiden went to sleep at 11:00. OMG! So, not only does Henry suffer, but the other two kiddos do, too. Because, it is just not fair for them to be out and Henry not to be. Maybe, I will just take them to the dog park this weekend to run around some. Somewhere in between class, youth group, farewell parties and whatever else we have going on! Fun Times. Maybe the next weekend looks better.

Update on the Update: :) We have someone coming by to meet him tonight. Pray that it works out for Henry! We will really miss him, but we know it's best for him.


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