I will not believe everything I read...

That's what I have to tell myself. Yesterday, after my appointment with Dr. S, I came back to work and after a couple hours of wondering looked up "What causes Cervix Inflammation?" Well, here's what Wed MD said...

Cervicitis Caused By...

1.) An infection or a sexually transmitted disease (such as gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis) can cause cervicitis.
HUM... not that I know of, but I guess my pap will say so. Not at risk for herpes, HPV or STDs, so that's out!

2.) HIV infection with the herpes virus (genital herpes), and human papillomavirus (HPV, genital warts) are additional STDs (also now called STIs) that put you at risk for developing cervicitis. Well, Doctor didn't say I had HIV and I was tested for that 3 weeks ago, I think he would have said something about that. Not at risk for herpes, HPV or STDs, so that's out!

3.) You are at increased risk if you have sexual relations at an early age or engage in high-risk sexual behavior with many partners or have a history of sexually transmitted diseases. NOPE

4.) Injury or irritation (a reaction to the chemicals in douches and contraceptives or a forgotten tampon) also can cause the disease. NOPE, don't use any chemicals and haven't used the other in several months.

5.) You may have an allergy to contraceptive spermicides or to latex in condoms that leads to cervicitis. Nope, never had those allergies before.

6.) The C word... Cancer - Well, I guess my pap will say yes or no on this one, but I have never had precursor cells in my other yearly exams.

So I called Robert and I said, well these are the options of why I probably have Cervicitis... 1.) Unknown infection, 2.) I have cancer... He then said, DON'T READ THAT STUFF!!

A couple of weeks ago I looked up some symptoms he had and he either had a sinus infection or head and neck cancer.

So, if you have a runny eye, you either have allergies or eye cancer. I'm just telling you now.

So, Dr. S said, there are many reasons for Cervicitis...don't worry this medicine will fix it. Ok, I just need to stop looking up symptoms to stuff, before I really do think I have cancer. It doesn't help that I work at a cancer doctor and see the patients every day!!


I completely understand how you feel. I had Placenta Previa with Sadie. I researched EVERYTHING there was to know about it. COMPLETELY terrified myself. And it turned out to be nothing! I'm sure everything will work out for you, as well!!!

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