Doggie Chaos...

Good news!!! Last night Henry's new family came and picked him up. They said we can come and visit, it would be fun to go to the dog park with them, too. So YAY!!


Then, the CHAOS! You know our lives can't ever be simple and quiet, and I'm probably most of the reason it is that way, but hey, that's how it goes. :) This might be a little long, sorry!

So, Henry left and we sat on the couch and sulked. Then, about 30 minutes goes by and Diego and Lola start barking. This usually means, 1.) Someone knocked and we didn't hear it. 2.) A car door opened outside our house 3.) Someone is on there way up to the door. Anyways, usually means someone is coming or at the door and I should get up to answer it.

Well, when I got to the door I heard a little dog yelping loudly and it sounded like it was on our front porch. I opened the door and saw a boxer running down the street. I walked out to the curb and saw a lady, and 3 dogs. The yelping little dog was the lady screaming and yelping. So, I (with no shoes on, always prepared) go to the house that they are in front of and try to help.

The poor lady was FREAKING OUT and so was her German Shepard. There were 2 Boxers jumping up and down around them. She said she wasn't hurt and her dog wasn't hurt but they wouldn't leave her alone and she was obviously scared. So, being the doggie whisperer (I really don't know what I was thinking) call the Boxers in my cute Boxer calling voice and get the male over towards me. I go to grab his collar and he gives me "the Look". So, I slowly move my hand away and just talk to him for a second. Then, of course, the other female Boxer is still jumping up and down on this lady and on her dog. So, again use the Boxer calling voice and get her over to me. She was really nice and I just grabbed her collar, no problem. The lady then grabs her dogs leash and starts to get away. I tell her, "Please walk don't run, I only have hold of one of them and not really sure what they are going to do if you run."

So, Pregnant Crazy Dog Whisperer Sarah is standing 3 houses down from her's "talking" and holding on to 2 crazy dogs that she has never met in her life. WTF am I thinking. I know...

The lady gets away. One of our other neighbors comes walking down the street with a bat in his hand and then neighbor whose house I am standing in front of comes out of his house. What the hell am I going to do now. So, I ask the bat wielding gentleman to help me get them to my back yard. I take the mean one. :)

Side note: I am a super softy for stray dogs. I always think, "that's some one's Diego, Lola or Henry." What if it was my dog...

We get them in the back yard and I go inside and say, "Honey don't be sad that Henry's gone, I found you 2 Boxers!" LOL... I show him the dogs and the male attacks the window. Super vicious and scary.

So, I get on the phone (its now 8:30pm) and call Animal Control, no answer. Hum... I then call Non-Emergency Police. They say they will get an officer right out. 15 minutes later...Police at the door, goes back to his car to find out what we can do...comes back and says, If the dogs hand attacked the owner and dog...they could have gotten the Emergency Animal Control out. The lady didn't say she was hurt, nor was her dog, so I didn't want to send these unknown dogs straight to the electric chair. So, we get to keep them over night and call Animal Control in the morning.

30 minutes later... Still on the couch. We hear barking outside and then a loud crashing noise. Hum... Look outside and only the male Boxer is there. 30 seconds later...doorbell rings. Our neighbor is at the door. She had taken her little Chihuahua outside and a Boxer came charging through the fence at her and the dog. WOW... So, I go over and get the female Boxer, plug up the hole she made (it was only one fence post) and went back inside.

So, All Night Long, about every 30 minutes to an hour they would start barking. Great...this isn't going to work out. Then, Nana and Aiden wake up about 2:30 and turn on the light to the kitchen, Super amounts of barking... They calm down, and continue barking every 30 minutes to an hour. Hum...

At about 6:00am I couldn't take it anymore. I got out of bed, went to the back door and Super Vicious dog attack the window. I tried to open the back door, I thought he might come through the door at me, so I went around front, opened the gate and OMG they ran away. Now, I feel super bad that I let these guys go, but I just couldn't take it anymore. The sun was starting to rise and it was lighter outside, so I am sure they ran straight home. At least that will help me sleep.

So, in one night we had, 3 dogs, 2 dogs, then 4 dogs, then 2 dogs again. Diego and Lola spent a lot of time outside this morning smelling the intruders area. I don't think they were super happy about that.

Hopefully, I haven't bored you too much with my story, it is always Chaos around me, I just attract it I guess!


Leigh said…
Glad to hear Henry went to a good home!!

I can't believe you did that! Well, yes I can ;) Hope they ran home...
NJ Grandma said…
What were you thinking -espacially when the nutty dog ran at the window. I am so glad you found Henry a new home. Just ignore Diego and Lola when they are barking - especially while you are pregnant - they could have had you on the ground. Please be careful. Love you.

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