Aiden has about 6 DVDs that he rotates between for his nightly movie, before he goes to bed.

Currently the list is:
Monster's Inc.
Toy Story II
Elmo in Grouchland
Ice Age II

(I know all very educational movies, but hey, whatever works)

Last night he wanted to watch Elli (Ice Age II has a Mammoth he calls an elephant, get it, elli?, OK) So, I get down the DVD pile. Said, "Elli" and held it up. He then, put out his index finger and shook it at me and said, "no, no, no, Toys" I then held up Toys and he did it again. It was kinda cute, but disturbing at the same time. When I put up Toys he said, "Um, No, No, No, Monsters", while shaking his finger at me again. Where did he get this? Who taught him to put up his finger and shake it and say no?

After the 3rd time of him shaking his finger at me and saying "no, no, no" I just put in a movie. I don't play those kind of games very well!!


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