Spending time with Aiden

Robert and I both try to soak up every second that we can with Aiden. This morning on the way to school Aiden and I had a lot of fun singing different songs in the car. We sang "I'm Your's" by Jason Mraz and then "Shattered" by O.A.R., because those were the songs on the radio. We make a pretty good singing team, I think we should go on one of those shows. :) Not really.

Then, when we got to school Aiden took me around the classroom to show me the different things that he had done and toys he plays with. I was late to work, but got to spend some quality time with my Monkey Man.

He's had his pacy at school all day, I think it's because Ms. Lauren isn't there today and there was a new sub-teacher that I didn't know and looks like he didn't know. So, he is a little out of his comfort zone today. That makes me a little sad, but school and change is good!

Yesterday, he terrorized the house. I guess Nana and he were taking a nap and he woke up before Nana did. He had chips and apple juice everywhere when she woke up. When Robert and I got home he was still a terror! Running, jumping, testing your limits, etc.

He now opens the fridge and pantry constantly throughout the day. Looking for something to snack on or drink. 90% of the time he's not hungry and will leave whatever his snack was somewhere in the house. It's nice to find! I think we are going to have to put a lock on both the fridge and pantry to keep him out. And I guess Nana needs to lock the door of whatever room he's napping in so that if he wakes up before her he's locked into a smaller area. IDK, maybe he needs his own crate with the dogs during the day. :) Really just kidding, please don't call CPS!!


Leigh said…
LOL - Adam will come down and build an "Aiden Corral" just like the one for Koda!! too funny!

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