Baby Appointment

I went to our 8 week appointment this morning. I really hate going to the doctor because of all the worthless time you spend there. My appointment was at 8:30am, I saw the sonographer at 8:55am, that took 10 minutes, then I waited to see the nurse until 9:30am, spent another 30 minutes there and then had lab drawn. So, I was there for 1 hour and 40 minutes. I know that's not a lot of time, but it was a lot of sitting and waiting.

I had an appointment to see Dr. S on the 13th in the morning and at work that day all the nurses but 1 are out, so I am supposed to help get patients in and out of rooms and get all there vitals to help out that day. So, I tried to reschedule my appointment since it really wasn't a good idea for me to be out from 8:30am to probably 12 or so that day (Takes even longer to wait for the doctor.) I went up to the front desk and asked to move my appointment the Front Office Manager said, "Well, he is pretty booked and we would have to move you pretty far out, would that be ok?" I looked at her and said (in the politest voice I could conjure up in my frustrated mood) "I don't think that would be a good idea. I am supposed to have a 1 month follow-up." She sent me to the appointment desk, WTH, she couldn't make the appointment or just didn't want to deal with a hormonal, impatient pregnant woman. But, the appointment desk lady was much nicer and found me an appointment only a week late. Sounds Great!!

I am usually a very patient person, but I just lose it at the doctor's office. Perhaps, it is because I used to be an office manager and got hounded about getting people in and out. But, honestly if you come to my current employer you will probably be here for longer then an hour and 40 minutes. Just ask my mom. (Who sat here for HOURS with my grandmother.)

Without further ado... Here is Baby #2!

2D image (She/He's grown 5 times since our first view on 1/26) Now 1.5 cm. The line shows you the length of the baby.

3D view - baby parts marked on the picture. I know you have to have a huge imagination, but its there! I guess that's why I love abstract/modern art so much, I see it!

This is the picture Baby Center gives, if that helps!

I still have some bleeding. I am amazed because I didn't do ANYTHING this weekend. I went to Nancy's retirement party on Friday night, sat the whole time. Saturday we had class, sat the whole time and then went home and laid around. Sunday we went to breakfast with Gran and PawPaw, I didn't feel good, so I laid on the couch ALL DAY, until about 10:00pm, then I went to the bed! So to wake up this morning and have blood, I was scared again, but the ultrasound says everything is fine. I don't know what it is.

Oh, and I've lost 4 pounds in a week and 1/2. Huh, you would think that I would have gained 40, because all I do is sit and lay down. Not much exercise or anything else going on.


NJ Grandma said…
I am not usually very good at these ultrasounds but I can definitely see a little baby there. OMG - it is so awesome. Take care and keep resting. Hugs and kisses to the boys. Love you.
Leigh said…
So glad the ultrasound show's everything AOK - keep resting!! Love you!
Wow sonos are so amazing now. I remember not being able to see anything but I can so see it. I understand about the dr thing when I go to my specialist ( which use to be every month now it's every other) I sit for seriously 4 hours to see the dr for 15 mins. I have one test in there but it's instant results the rest I just sit there. I hate it.

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