Lazy Sunday

We've had a really lazy Sunday. We usually eat breakfast with Gran and PawPaw. This morning it just didn't happen. We laid in bed until 9:00am and then finally got up and made some cereal for breakfast. Then, we laid around on the couch, I fell back to sleep while Robert and Aiden watched Toy Story. Then, we went outside for a little bit to start picking up all the doggie deposits. I have been a really bad mom and haven't picked this up since probably November. Yuck!! So, I spent about 45 minutes and only got about 1/4 of the yard done. Aiden played in the dirt and mud while I pooper scooped.

Then, Robert came out to fix the fence that our friendly boxers broke. Come to find out the fence is starting to rot away at that part of the fence. How long does a fence last? All the rest of the fence looks absolutely fine, just this part of the fence looks like it has been sitting in about 2 feet of water. Hum? Weird. So, Robert fixed the fence the best he could, with the bottom cross post rotten, he couldn't nail into that cross post. Robert talked to our neighbor about replacing that part of the fence and she seems ok with helping with the cost of it. That's great news!!

Then, Aiden started climbing all over the swing set that isn't set up yet. It was hard to hold fence posts and keep him from falling off of something. So, after Robert was finished Aiden and I packed up and went to the park to slide. We didn't stay long, because he was too tired. So, we went back home and took a nap. 2 naps in one day for me!

The funny thing is that other then Toy Story in the morning we had the Food Network on ALL DAY. From 9:00 - 11:00, then from 1:00 - 7:30 then we switched over to the Oscars, which were just fabulous. I think the best one I have seen yet!

So, over all we had a really lazy Sunday. We were sick so it was probably best that it was a lazy Sunday!


This may sound DUMB... I never realized you had to pick the poop up!!! I was wondering what we would do so Sadie could play in the back yard this summer. Well... no I know! YUCK!

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