Last Day of Daycare

Today is Aiden last day of school for a little while. All the kids were coloring at the closest table to the camera, so I had to get a snapshot of that!! I think he will miss the ninos (Spanish for kids, what Aiden calls his friends at school). He's going to start going over to Patti and Leigh's house on Wednesdays so that he has some interaction with other kiddos. I think he'll have fun there, too. Also, since the weather's getting nicer he and Nana can start going to the park, gym, mall and places like that. The gym has a kids area where he can climb and play. The mall is way too much fun, they have lots of climbing stuff too!
Mommy borrowed some books from a friend and is going to start doing some lessons with him early in the evening. Maybe before dinner before he gets too sleepy and doesn't want to do anything. It will be fun!!
But, we may have to put some cameras up at home, because I really enjoy watching him. Surely, Robert can figure that out right?


THere is a great website... You can find playgroups in your area to join!! I love our group!

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