Aiden and I laid in his bed for a while watching Monsters Inc and putting his babies to sleep. We put Cat & the Hat, George, AJ & Monkey (All three monkeys), Alli (the alligator), Glow Worm and Mama to sleep. Each of them and me had to be covered and patted until we went mimis. Then, all of the sudden Aiden would growl and yell (Like a monster) and wake everyone up and then he put us all back to sleep again. I was fun...Aiden, 6 babies and me in a toddler bed!

He has been going to bed at a decent time lately, usually 7:00 or 7:30. Last night, not the case, 10:30 we are still trying to get him to lay down and get to bed. Even after a lavender bath and 2 bedtime stories and a movie. Wow!


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