14 Week Appointment

I had an appointment bright and early with Dr. S this morning, 7:30am! We discussed my nausea and trouble sleeping and such, and I got samples of a anti-nausea med. YAY!!! It is one that you take once a day and has 2 release points, once when you take it and another 12 hours later! YAY!!!

We heard the babies heartbeat and it was strong and at 153 beats/minute. With the baby predictor it says that babies heartbeats >140 means girl. Hum...hopefully we will find out on April 24th!! That's my next Dr. S appointment with an ultrasound.

He also said that since my spotting and bleeding stopped I can start gradually picking up the exercise. We been walking a little this week, but nothing major. I asked him if I can walk in the Breast Cancer Race for the Cure and he said just as long as I wasn't racing and listened to my body I should be fine! That's good news, since I've already signed up.

Then, he told me that I should really start showing this next month. I just looked at him and said, "Really, I'm already showing so I'll be going for huge this next month, thanks... :)" He just smiled. He's a great doctor.

Lastly, and mostly, he said that I can start up my massages again!! YAY!! Anti-nausea meds and massages life will definitely be good. Maybe I'll be in a better mood now. No promises though. ;) I know Robert's probably tired of hearing me complain, but we still have 6 months of that.

I am super excited about the weather this weekend. We have lots planned and didn't need the rain that was predicted at the beginning of the week for the weekend. Now, its supposed to rain Monday and Tuesday. I really don't think meteorologist know what they are talking about, it's all a bunch of mind reading or something. It was only supposed to get up to 68 yesterday according to Channel 5 and it was above 80 all day. Hum... maybe we should all go into predicting the weather, sounds like fun.


Mrs. Stevens said…
Glad you received good news and meds! If you ever are in need of a nap, bring Aiden over. He and Della can play together and you can rest.
Tarvers said…
I'm so happy that everything is going well.

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