Roaming Toddler

Yesterday was a pretty rainy day. So, normally when I get home we eat and then I spend the next 2-3 hours wearing Aiden out! :) Well, with all the rain yesterday, although it was nicer when I got home, I just didn't want to deal with a muddy toddler. So, we went to Target. Our trashcan mysteriously broken last week (3 guesses on who did it) so we went to buy a new trashcan. I bought a $10 one, because I really can't find one that I like and don't want to spend $60 on a stainless steal one, but I digress. While at Target Aiden walked around a while and found Thomas and the Magic Railroad movie that he carried around with him. I had to threaten to leave him at Target a couple of times, because he would sit down in the middle of an aisle and scream if I tried to touch him, but after each threat when I walked away he would get up and follow me.

When we got home he wanted to watch the Thomas movie, so I put that in and 5 minutes later he wanted Lion King again (This is the movie of the week). Luckily, I the Thomas movie was only $5.

I then gave him his vitamins (toddler vitamins and melatonin) and put him in his PJs. This was about 8:00pm. I did some Camp Rosales work in the office and then headed to the bedroom to put myself to sleep. Well, that's a little hard when you have a toddler running around the house. At about 9:30pm I put him back in his room, told him it was quiet time and put Lion King back to the beginning, then I went to bed.

10:15pm, he's in my room jumping on the bed and pulling stuff off the bedside shelves. I put him back in his bed and reiterate that it is quiet time. 11:00pm, he's back in my room trying to jump off the thing at the end of the bed...What the hell?!?! So, I grab him, put him in bed with me and we struggle for 5-10 minutes. By then he's screaming for Nana, so I walk him to her room. She's asleep, too!!

SO, Aiden had been roaming around for who knows how long. Luckily nothing is destroyed and all the food is still in the fridge. He probably just sat in his room and watched the movie, but Wow, he could have torn up the house, well, I would have woken up at any noises. Also, luckily, I had already set the house alarm, so if he opened any doors the alarm would have gone off.


Mrs. Stevens said…
Della gets bribed into the cart at Target with a cookie. Otherwise, it's a fight. Definitely worth the $1!
Marna said…
I remember those days. Now when my boys act up I just leave them. Of course they are 18 and 23 now. I too bribed then when they were small. They got a treat if they behaved in the store.

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