Where's PawPaw

This weekend we went to Ikea with Gran. When Gran got to the house around 9:00am one of the first things Aiden asked her was, "Where's PawPaw?" She kept telling him he's at work, then she would say, he's gone, or he's ba, trying to get it through to him that he's not around. He probably asked her about 20-30 times on Saturday where PawPaw was.

So, this morning we wake up and he comes in the bathroom and sits on my lap while I get ready and he looks at me and says, "Where's PawPaw?" I said, "he's at work." Then, "Where's Staasee? (this is what he calls Gran)" Me: "At Work". I didn't know what he was wanting or if he just wanted to go through the list of grandparents this morning, but he pretty much named everyone and kept asking where they were.


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