Saturday morning on our way to Ikea Aiden was watching a video in the back and you could hear him breathing in the front of the car. He didn't have any sinus stuff going on or anything, so it really seemed strange. He snores a lot, too. Snoring during nap time, and at night, every night. So, I did some research today and called the doctor to make him an appointment. It is probably nothing, I mean Robert and I both have bad allergy problems and so did my family, so it is probably just allergy stuff. But, it was quite strange that his breathing was so loud on Saturday morning. Robert said it's like that sometimes. So, usually we have to wait a couple of weeks to see his pediatrician. I called this afternoon and we have an appointment tomorrow at 8:00am.

Also, Robert's leaving town some this week, so we moved his dentist appointment to next Tuesday the 31st. So, we will have a full report of the adventures at the dentist then!

I will keep you updated on the breathing stuff, just seems weird, but is probably nothing.


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