Compost and Gardening

While Robert's in Japan I will be researching what veggies we will be planting this year and starting a compost bin/pile. We made a salad on Saturday night and a couple of years ago when we had a rabbit I would have fed him all the leftover peels and lettuce that you don't put in the salad, but now with no rabbit it just goes in the trash. I am sure I was driving Robert crazy about it, but I kept saying, "See this would go in the compost." He just nodded and said uh-huh! So, we are going to work on some companion gardening this year and a compost.

I may even start a new blog on gardening. Hum...

Since we put up the swing set our back yard is even smaller this year for a garden and our kiddo LOVES to dig and rack and play in the dirt, so it might be a little harder this year, but we can still do it! I thought about buying some of those hanging garden thingys. Our friends parents had some tomatoes in them last year and they did great! IDK, but I have 3 weeks to figure out what we are going to do!


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