Robert received this yesterday as an award for participating in the Presidential Transition Team for his agency. It is an amazing award and we are very proud of it.

It's even signed by President Obama. WOW.

I wasn't allowed to talk/blog about the Presidential Transition Team while it was going on. Something about protection of the future President and possibly our family if some crazy terrorist decided to kidnap us to get to Robert and get into the Chicago Federal Building. But, hey, it's been over for a little while so... Robert could probably better explain what went on. But, he was on the team that set up the computers and supported the computers for the Presidential Transition Team back from November to January. Pretty neat. I was really proud of him, that he was trusted with that kind of project.

He will have to tell his stories about meeting the President, well Future President at the time, and the VP and Michelle Obama. He has some pretty neat stories that I would just screw up. :) Maybe it will force him to blog once!

Also, he went to the Grand Canyon last Friday and took some amazing pictures that he needs to share with everyone, too!!


NJ Grandma said…
CONGRATULATIONS Robert - we are also so proud of you. All our love from New Jersey

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