Crazy Week

Sorry, I haven't posted much this week. It has been a pretty crazy one!

Monday we had a great-nephew born. I'm not sure on what his name is or anything yet. We were supposed to go to a baby shower for him on Wednesday, but it just didn't happen.

Tuesday I got home and Nana wasn't feeling well. Her blood pressure when I got home was 197/114 or something like that. I called the doctor and she said that Nana needed to go to the hospital. Doctor's offices and hospitals really make Nana nervous so she really didn't want to go. We waited around a while for her BP to come down, it didn't so I called the doctor again and she had Nana take some meds. An hour later her BP was higher. HUM... So, I finally convinced Nana to go to the hospital. Robert stayed home with Aiden - 1.) it was 9:00pm 2.) Robert has lots of homework to get caught up on 3.) I know Nana's health information more then anyone else (probably more then her sometimes.)

So, after lots of tests and CT Nana's BP came down on its own. The meds she takes usually only take about 1 hour or so to kick in, this time it took 4 hours. We left around 12:30am and headed home. We aren't sure why her BP was this high this time, usually it has something to do with her stress levels, but she said that she wasn't worried about anything or stressed, so who knows.

Wednesday night was pretty calm.

Thursday night, I got a call from my brother around 10:30pm saying that his "girlfriend/baby mama" was having their baby. After talking him down off the ceiling (he was pretty hyped up and worried) I finally decided that maybe I should be there. Mom is out of town, so she is pretty much his "person" he goes to for everything. I called Aunt Janna and she picked up Papa and we all headed to the hospital.

Papa has been really sick for the past couple of days, so he stopped into the ER for a check on his bronchitis, while Aunt Janna and I ran up stairs to find JN. She had the baby in about an hour of her arrival to the hospital!! Can you believe that!!

We all got to see the baby (pictures up soon) and then we headed down to check on Papa. After about 12:30pm Aunt Janna and I headed home. Lala and Juli were there to take care of Papa and he looked like he would be ok.

Hopefully, tonight will be more calm of a night. Robert's going to try to get more homework done and I might take Aiden up to meet his cousin. This weekend should be pretty calm, too. Not many plans going on right now.


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