When I saw Dr. S last week I told him that I was having some on and off sleeping troubles. He said to take Benadryl. I let him know that Benadryl gives me Restless Leg Syndrome which wakes me up in the middle of the night and defeats the purpose of taking the Benadryl. He then suggested I take 50mg instead of the 25mg I had been taking.

So, I took 50mg on Friday and woke up at 2:00am thinking I was having a panic attack. My legs were going crazy, I felt like I needed to go out and run a couple of miles to get them to calm down, and my tummy felt anxious - I don't really know how to explain the feeling, but hopefully, you get it! So, I have not taken any more Benadryl.

The doctor said he could call in Ambien for me, but didn't really want me to take it, so why would I take it... The nurse suggested hot bath before bedtime, maybe a walk in the early afternoon and no caffeine. Well, if I do drink caffeine it is at lunch and it isn't but a 1/2 a glass of tea, so I don't think that is it. I would probably pass out from a hot bath, so maybe that will work. We are already walking around 6:30, and I can't walk much earlier then that, unless I quit my job or something, which isn't going to happen...

So, I guess we will try the warm baths rather then a hot one. I think I really need to go and see my massage therapist, because most of the time it is my neck pain waking me up. Tylenol isn't helping the pain at all and I can't take anything else, so massage therapist it is!


Hey! While I was pregnant with Sadie I wasn't getting much sleep either. Doctor told me to take 1 tylenol pm at night. Will tylenol do the same thing to you?
Amanda said…
Hey! Something that helped me in all sorts of ways through both pregnancies was a good chiropractor. Also, an herbal tea with valerian root and chamomile might help. I enjoy reading your blog!

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