San Antonio Trip

We went to San Antonio this Wednesday and Thursday so that I could take my Research Coordinator's certification test. Nana, Aiden, Robert and I all headed down Wednesday morning when we left the house at 10:30 in the morning the GPS said that we would be in San Antonio by 2:20pm. Well, we got there around 4:30pm; we made a few stops on the way.

We ate lunch in south Austin on the way there and stopped a couple of other times for potty breaks. Once we got to San Antonio we found our hotel got everything upstairs and then Robert and I walked to where my test was supposed to be. For the test I needed: 1.) the letter from the company that says I can take the test 2.) My driver's license 3.) a #2 pencil. I had the first two and thought that I would get a pencil on the way. Well, that was a mistake. At the places we stopped for potty breaks I checked for pencils, none to be found. Then, when we got to the hotel we looked up a Walgreens, it was close to the hotel where I was taking my test so we would stop there.

We headed out of the hotel and went left on St Mary's, well we were supposed to have gone right!! Once we almost got the the highway we turned around and headed back towards our hotel. Then, we turned left on Houston, we were supposed to be headed to where Houston and Travis streets meet together, it was in the other direction. :) I think our internal compasses were off!! So, after walking the entire downtown looking for Walgreens we asked a lady if she knew where one was and guess what, just my luck, it was closed for renovations. I headed to the hotel in hopes that there were pencils at the front desk or something, no such luck... So, I begged a fellow test taker for a pencil!! Thanks to the nice lady who let me borrow that pencil, I thought I might have to take the test in blood or something.

The test went well. To get certified I have to make an 80, that's kinda scary. I won't know my results for another 6 WEEKS, can you believe that, 6 weeks. It was on a bubble sheet that I am sure they send through a machine to grade, how does that take 6 weeks? But, ok...

So, I finished and walked successfully back to our hotel, without any misdirections. Grabbed some dinner and headed to bed.

The next morning we woke up and ate breakfast in the hotel. (We usually stay at Embassy Suites or Homewood Suites because they have big breakfasts and Homewood even has dinner!!) Then we headed to the Oblate mission that Nana has been wanting to go to for a little while. She wanted to get some Holy Water from the mission. They have a fountain that it blessed and you can get water from. Gallons if you would like! Nana just got 2 water bottle sized containers.

Then, we headed to Austin to eat lunch with our nephew Jaime. He's a senior at UT and graduating in May, we hadn't seen him in a while and Nana has missed him. We ate some Mexican food and then headed to Round Rock Outlets.

During our drive to Round Rock Outlets... What an adventure... Robert was taking the exit to the Outlets and kinda cut off this lady that should have yielded to the exiting traffic, but she didn't. This lady followed us into the Outlets and followed us around the parking lot, when she finally caught up to us she rolled down her window and started SCREAMING at Robert. She was telling him he can't drive, she has a kid in the car, he could have hurt someone... OMG this lady was crazy! So, Robert yelled something like, well you should yield to exiting traffic, which just pissed her off more. I told him to drive...This pissed the lady off more and we could hear her yelling, "COME BACK HERE"! We drove up to a security officer that just happened to be driving by on his Segway! She drove on past and out of the parking lot...Thank you God.

I couldn't figure out how she thought it would have been resolved. Robert apologizing, which he wouldn't have done. I mean her 4 or 5 year old wasn't even in a booster seat. Come on lady...IDK...maybe she wanted to fight him.

The rest of our drive home wasn't as exciting as our quick stop into Round Rock Outlets. That's a good thing if you ask me. Although, I'm sure Robert was looking in the rear view mirror for the crazy lady for a while.

Everyone went to sleep around 7:30 or 8:00 last night, we were so tired from the quick trip down there and back.

TOMORROW!! We have Della's birthday party! Della is our now 4 year old neighbor who lives across the street. She's having a Princess party at Chucky Cheese, Woo Hoo!! We will take pictures, because I am sure it will be loads of fun!


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