Sulking Toddler

This post is in no way to make my neighbor feel bad, it was just too funny not to share.

Last night when I got home Aiden kept asking for the neighbor's 4 year old. "Outside?, Slide?, Play?" So, we ate dinner and headed outside to see if she was home. Aiden banged on the front door and wanted to ring the door bell. When I told him she wasn't home, he stood in the front yard and started crying, because I wanted to go back across the street to the house and he was going to wait there until she got home!! So, he sat in their front yard. He sat and crossed his arms and when I tried to get close he would get up and walk to another part of the yard and cross his arms and sulk... He got over it in about 5 minutes, we went to go pull weeds and cut down the crazy flowers in our front yard instead!!

Here's some pictures of Aiden sitting in their front yard.

FYI: if your rocks have moved it was Aiden!! LOL


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