Crazy Toddler

Monday night Aiden and I were hanging out while Daddy put dinner together. I'm telling you this kid finds every way to destroy everything in his path. It's amazing the time you spend trying to redirect him and find better ways to keep him occupied. Instead of allowing him to climb the TV stand and knock over plants and such.

So, we played in the living room for a little bit, then we went to the playroom, and then when everything was destroyed in those rooms we moved outside. :)

Here are some pictures from my phone to document the evening. Sorry, they aren't the best quality of pictures!

Cute little boy hanging out with Mommy.
Cute little boy drinking some water. Not so cute when he spits the water at you... :)Gets Dada's cell phone and runs away...
Or climbs on the coffee table...
He currently loves to dump this bucket of toys over. Since I wouldn't let him dump it, he decided that he would sit in it instead... OK, with me!

We went outside for a little bit while Dada finished dinner. Then, we all went for a walk in the park. After no nap all day (not sure why he didn't take a nap) then, running around with Nana all day and going to the park for over 2 hours, then playing outside with me and then going for a walk in the park and playing still took a while to get him to go to sleep. And then, he woke up an hour later... How do they make it through the day?


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