The other day Robert, Aiden and I were walking to the park and I asked Aiden if he would count trees with me. Normally, he will count with you or do the next count...(I don't think that makes any sense) but if you say 1 he then says 2, you say 3 he says 4, and so on to 10! Well, on this walk he just started counting trees 1-10, no help from Mom or Dad. I almost fell over when he just started counting trees out of the blue, but Robert said a couple of days earlier he had counted the trees with Aiden, so that's were he got it from.

He of course is like his mom and dad in a lot of ways that he won't do stunts on command, very stubborn. So, we tried getting him to count for people all weekend, and he wouldn't do it. :( But, really I'm not making it up, he can count to 10 by himself. He can count to 10 in Spanish with help. He can probably do that by himself, too, but the whole no stunts on command thing impedes us finding this out!

He can also sing the alphabet with assistance from a toy or person. But, isn't sure on the letters when you point them out, everything is B, D, P, or E (because they all sound the same). But, it is neat that he will point at letters on a shirt or on a paper and try to tell you what they are.


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