Grumpy Morning

I am normally a morning person, but not this morning. Robert woke up at 6:00am because he couldn't sleep anymore. Normally, I have to pull him out of bed at 8:00, but some mornings, about once every 2 weeks, he wakes up at 5:30 or 6:00 and gets ready for work and leaves. This morning he got ready for work and then banged about the kitchen for another 45 minutes. He was trying to wake the dead I'm pretty sure. He managed to wake up the whole house. Aiden woke up around 6:30 and started playing around the house. Nana woke up, made coffee, and made Aiden's morning drink and then went back to bed. The dogs were crying from the office because they needed to go outside. So, I got up, put on Cars (the movie) in Aiden's room, let the dogs out and went back to bed. 10 minutes later I hear, "MOM!!, MOMMY!!! MAMA!!!, DRINK!!!" Lazy little man had dropped his drink out of his bed and I walked across the house to pick it up for him. Next time I'm just staying in bed. Then, the dogs started whining outside, so I let them back in and closed them up in the office. Then, back to bed, Ahhhh. 10 minutes, "MOM!!!, MOMMY, MAMA!!!!! , PACI!!!" WHAT? So I get up again, throw a paci at him and head back to bed. I finally got out of bed around 8:15.

I have been feeling better tummy wise over the last day and 1/2, but tired and having headaches now. So, I am happy we are seeing the doctor tomorrow!


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