Swing Set

Saturday morning we woke up around 7:15am. (Funny thing is that I have to drag Robert out of bed at 8:00am most mornings and then Saturday morning he's waking me up at 7:15, what's up with that?)
We ate breakfast and then headed out to the back yard. I should have taken pictures of the before... We normally have 3 flower beds and 1 veggie bed. The veggie bed was total weeds. So, we picked weeds and cleaned out all the flower beds.

We've had a swing set that Patti and Leigh gave us last November that's just been sitting in the back yard. Well, Robert, Nana, and I put it together. Yes, Robert was really the only capable one and got very frustrated at times, but it's together!! We still have to cement it into the ground and make it more stable. But, for right now Aiden's not going to knock it over.

Then, we put weed and feed down on the yard and were spent. All before 11:00am. Amazingly productive day!!

So, here's some pictures of Aiden playing on his new swing set with Aunt Lisa!!

It's pretty funny to watch him slide. He always flips to his belly at the end so that he will land with his feet instead of his bottom.


NJ Grandma said…
Looks like tons of fun is going on in your backyard. Aiden is getting so tall. Miss him. Love from Jersey

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