14 weeks

14 weeks = 2nd trimester, which should equal no more nausea, less tired, etc. Well, I would like to report that with this pregnancy in week 13 I was feeling pretty good, less nausea, less tired etc. In week 14 which started Tuesday I should still be feeling less nauseous and less tired. Not the case. I have thrown up more so far this week then in rest of the weeks combined. I only got that nauseous maybe 2 times during Aiden's pregnancy, what's the deal here?! Must be a girl causing all these problems. :) (We won't find out the sex of the baby until the next visit a month from Friday, around 18 weeks)

So, I am not sure why I am more nauseous this week, but we will definitely talk about that with Dr. S on Friday.

On the tiredness thing, I think having a toddler already doesn't help the tiredness you have with a baby. Aiden slept with us last night and woke up screaming for Nana at 3:30am. I kept trying to get him to go back to sleep, and finally at 4:15am took him to Nana's bed. He had been doing pretty good about sleeping in his bed until about 3:00 am and then moving to Nana's bed, but lately his nap schedule has been off. The past 3 days he's taken really late naps, like 5:00pm naps. Then, he's up until midnight. AHHHH. So, I can see why we are tired.


I've heard with girls there is ALOT more throwing up! It was true with me!

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