18 Weeks

This week our baby is a Bell Pepper, well the size of one at least. Hopefully not like the small ones from our garden last year, then the baby would be decreasing in size.

We find out next Friday, with the baby's cooperation, what it is...an elephant or a monkey. Hum, we are hoping for an elephant since we already have a monkey. :) But, don't elephants have something like a 2 year gestation period, I don't think I could take that. No really, boy or girl of course, either would be great.

Other then that, not much else is going on. Robert and I were both up at 5:00 this morning, not sure why, but it was nice to have some time to ourselves. Then, we headed to Ihop for breakfast, yum, but now I am super tired, ate too much...

This weekend is very eventful or full of events, however you want to put it. Aiden is bouncing among grandparents while Robert and I head to PK Lake for PANKUS Weekend. PANKUS is a group we are founders of from our Tarleton days. Each year we get together with the active members and help them get focused on the next year. So, it's about 20 Alumni and 30 Active members. Fun huh, I know your jealous. We figure we will keep doing these weekends until we are 90 or so, probably not me, but definitely Robert. It is funny to watch Robert revert back to a college guy on these weekends.

So, I hope that you have fun this weekend, too!!


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