Easter Sunday

Aiden woke up around 8:30am and the Easter Bunny had come!! He is using the same Easter Basket from last year, he still likes Elmo so that's ok. The Easter Bunny brought him a new Thomas the Train book, A Potty Time book, bubbles, side-walk chalk, and lots of good snacks (Craisins, Raisins, Goldfish, Animal Cookies, NO CANDY!!)

Other Easter bunnies sent Aiden toys from New Jersey and Southside of Fort Worth. He got a rake, shovel, and water hose sprayer from New Jersey and a bubble lawn mower from Nini and Patpat. He is all ready to work on the gardens now!

We got ready for church and headed that way. At church our friends Patti, Anthony and I taught the 2-4 year old Sunday School class. We colored, made egg sun catchers and ate Goldfish. After that Nini took Aiden's Easter pictures in the church and we headed home, because DADA WAS HOME!!!
Robert got in around 9:00am Sunday and we headed home so we could see Dada. I had to stop at Lubys to get a Ham lunch for Robert, Nana, Aiden because I was craving it after seeing them set it up at church for Easter Brunch. Yum.
We then spent the rest of the day napping, watching TV and laying around. I took Aiden to slide at the park for a little while, but he wouldn't stay out of the mud and I didn't want to get the Expedition muddy so we headed home.
Nope, no Easter Egg hunt for Aiden this year. I don't think he noticed, but we were too eager to get home.
We are super excited Dada's home. We really missed him (and that also means really good food for the next couple of weeks!) His next trip isn't until the middle of May.


Monika said…
I'm so happy that you guys are on the NO CANDY bandwagon. I'm sure he didn't even notice ;)


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