No Way

I'm working on this past weekend's posts, but in the meantime, I'll tell you a quick story.

Aiden over the past 2 weeks or so has replaced "No" with "No Way". I have No idea where he got it from, who knows. And, BTW, he doesn't say it in a nice voice, he says No Way when he's upset about something.

Conversations sometimes go like this:

Mommy: "Aiden, let's eat dinner."
Aiden: "NO WAY"
Mommy: "We are having spaghetti, you love spaghetti"
Aiden: "NO WAY"
Mommy: "What's with the No Way?"
Aiden: "NO WAY"

We don't get very far. Usually, I end up picking him up and moving him in the direction I want him to go, or I just go and do what I am trying to get him to do and he comes and joins in. It's especially bad when he's sleepy, after waking up in the morning or before bedtime, the No Ways fly everywhere.

More from our weekend soon!!


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